About RyuTe® RenMei

RyuTe® RenMei is the public art of Taika Seiyu Oyata. This classical form of Okinawan karate incorporates the teachings of all three of the major styles of early Okinawan martial arts; Shuri-Te, Tomari-Te, and Naha-Te. The “textbook” for training lies in twelve empty-hand katas, passed down to Oyata by Shigeru Nakamura. Due to Taika’s tireless efforts and early training opportunities with classical Okinawan and Chinese bushi (warriors), RyuTe® is unique in it’s approach to interpreting the movements and bunkai (applications) in these katas.

The early masters placed many less obvious techniques in the katas such as kyushu-jitsu (pressure, nerve, and vital point striking) and Tuite-jitsu (grappling) techniques which have since been lost or overlooked by other styles of karate. Focus on these techniques is just one reason why RyuTe is a very well rounded self-defense system, easily personalized to the individual, and appropriate for all ages and body types.

For a further information on this approach to life-protection I encourage you to visit the following website: www.ryute.com